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Get Extra Living Space with a Home Addition

When it’s time to add space to your existing home, you can trust Corrente Construction Management for additions that are unlike any other. Our goal is to make your project as quick and seamless as we can, but we also treat each project with the same care and attention as all others. Our concept is a simple yet powerful one: You get your needed living space at your desired quality and the service you deserve, and it’s priced affordably and finished quicker than you’d ever expect. Our driving themes of speed, flexibility, and control guide us through your project to surpass your typical standards of quality and service for home construction.

contractor drawing out blueprints

Flexibility with Your Home’s Design & Build

The panelized construction of the structural components for all projects is custom-designed, not ready-made, so your home’s design appeal won’t suffer from a simple structure look. We can build your home faster and without limitations or added stress related to common renovation or new home building experiences. You’ll get your dream home finished quickly and customized to your desires.

Speed in Projects without Sacrificing Quality

The roof, walls, and floors are factory-built, and we demolish your existing roof on the first day of construction. The prebuilt components get shipped directly to your house and installed in just a few hours. The following day, we shingle the new roof, and the home’s exterior is ready for finishing. The work can be completed in as little as three days! In cases where the site isn’t accessible for crane installation, we send a bigger crew to minimize the building time. Three-day installation applies only to second-floor additions. Those on the side and back of the house call for excavation and building the footings, which mean it can’t be completed in such a short time.

Complete Control Over Your Own Project

We have an approach to your project that we call the Corrente “One-Stop Reno Shop” approach, meaning everything is carefully planned to give you complete control over the costs of construction. We work closely with you for the addition design and any other work, and all costs are carefully calculated before we start any work. We’ll provide you with accurate written quotes and arrange all of the necessary permits. Because Corrente Construction Management is a member of BILD – Builder & RENO MARK, you’ll receive a guaranteed two-year warranty on all structural work performed on your home. To get a free evaluation on your next addition or other home construction project, call us today!

Listen Better. Plan Better.

Build Better.