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Custom Homes & Cottages

When you’re ready to invest in a new home, Corrente Construction Management offers the services to aid you through the entire process of design-build home construction. Our team carries out the full course of steps for custom homes in the GTA and Southern Ontario from the initial design to the finishing touches. We start by helping you find the perfect lot for your new home, and then we create a timeline and budget to work with for the project. You will be given access to expert home building professionals to perform the work carefully and efficiently to make your dream home a reality. Everyone working on your new house will be an experienced specialist in residential construction for a better build that fits your goals and wishes.


Expert Planning and Building for the Best Results

Our company works side-by-side with highly-skilled and trusted contractors to safeguard the success of all aspects of building your custom home. We adhere to working and producing a finished home with only the highest standards and specifications. All work gets inspected and approved during each phase of the construction process, and we listen to your questions and concerns about the project to ensure your complete satisfaction with the job we’re doing. All municipal and provincial building codes are followed through the planning process to reduce the possible time delays or obstacles, and the materials and labour meet the best building standards through our exploration of options with customers and competitors.

Custom Quality from Design to Completion

Corrente Construction Management has planned, designed, and built many custom homes in the GTA and Southern Ontario. Our finished projects include creating efficient homes that are certified by Net Zero Ready and Energy Star. We’re also a member of the professional association “BILD – Builder & RENO MARK” and a proud builder of Tarion. Our skills and expertise coupled with the esteemed associations that we’re involved with are examples of our reputable services to Ontario residents. From the initial design and planning through the final touches of the finished product, you can trust Corrente Construction Management to build you the home of your dreams. To get started on your next custom home, give us a call and get a free evaluation of your project!

Listen Better. Plan Better.

Build Better.