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Completing Basement Renovations

Basements get a bad reputation. Space can often be thought of as dark and uninviting, especially if it’s unfinished. However, if you have a full basement, that’s double the square footage in your home that you aren’t utilizing. You can transform this area into usable space for your family with a basement renovation at your home. The team at Corrente Construction Management can help you plan a new purpose for your basement and revamp the space to be enjoyed by you and your family. Even if you can’t afford to lose the storage space your basement provides, we can design a basement that offers both storage and functional space. Give us a call today to get started on your basement renovation!

contractor drawing out blueprints

Transform Your Basement into Space for You

Most basements are a blank slate waiting to be transformed into whatever you want. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to your basement renovation. Your basement could make a great home theatre or extra living room. You could create a workout space to get your sweat on, or perhaps you want an additional entertainment area with a bar and game tables. You can even make this space a guest suite with a spare bedroom and bathroom. There’s no limit to the things our team can achieve. Start thinking about your goals and vision for your basement. Then, our team will help you create it!

You’re in Control of Your Renovation

With Corrente Construction Management, you’re in control of your renovation. We work within your timeline and your budget. We carefully plan every project to ensure we stay within your guidelines. You’ll have one point of contact for each phase of the project, so you can reach out and ask questions and receive updates on our progress. Contact us to get started on your basement renovation today.

Listen Better. Plan Better.

Build Better.