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Comprehensive General Contracting for Homes

Whether you’re building a new home, adding to it, or renovating, Corrente Construction Management specializes in complete service for the entire project, from design and figuring the budget to the finishing touches that make your dream home a reality. Our services encompass design-build of new homes, architectural services, project management, construction management, and general contracting for residents. From small renovations to major projects that cost millions of dollars, our construction expertise has helped customers in residential structures and commercial and retail space.

From Custom New Homes to Renovations

Our comprehensive construction services span from design to completion with your budget and satisfaction always a top priority. We perform various home construction projects, including:

Custom Homes

We help you through the entire design-build process for your home’s construction. Our professionals provide all the services required, including finding a lot, creating a timeline and budget, designing your new home, and construction all the way to its completion.

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Home Additions and Renovations

Our goal is to provide superior customer service while making your addition as quick and seamless as possible. We use custom-designed, factory-built structural components and careful planning while giving you control of the construction costs.

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Exterior and Landscaping

We keep to your budget and ensure transparency in every project with a unique online system, so you’re in charge of your landscaping to make sure that it’s done in a way you’re satisfied with.

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Construction Done Better

Our team will listen to your goals and wishes for the project to accurately interpret what you want. Our thorough planning for the construction design, building codes, and possible obstacles or delays are vital to meeting your goals on a renovation, addition, or new home. And finally, we use a professional team and state-of-the-art software for financial work and project management. We’ll bring in our own sub-trades on schedule and ensure that everything is inspected and approved for each phase. Our construction products and services are acquired by partnering with leading manufacturers in the industry. Call us today to discuss your next residential project and receive a free evaluation!

We Keep You in the Loop

Our simple online system lets you track the progress of your project with a click of a button, or easily communicate with our team 24/7. It’s that easy.

Track Project Running Total

Keeping track of how much money you have spent on your project is important. You can nos easily view a categorized list so that you know exactly where each expense came from.

Share Your Photo Album

We keep you up to date on your project with a customized photo album. Share progress photos with your friends and family on your favorite social media sites!

Updated Calendar

View the detailed calendar that tracks current project status, upcoming events, and important dates. Keeping yourself informed of the construction schedule has never been so easy!

Easy Change Order Approval

No more driving to the builder’s office, or finding a fax machine to approve that time-critical change order request. With 24/7 web-based access, you can approve your change orders from any connected device.

Listen Better. Plan Better.

Build Better.