Our Process


We have broken down our phases so you can have a better understanding of what to expect during your project with Corrente.

We have three main phases of our management process, each designed to ensure your successful project meets your dreams! Expand each section for more information as needed.

Feel free to reach out to our management team for a walk through of the process, and allow us to ensure that you aren't missing any necessary steps.




  • Initial Introduction and Inquiry
    • Let's meet! We want to take the time to put a face to a name so we can show you exactly who we are as a  company.
    • Our pre-planning meeting is designed to ensure we are reviewing all aspects of what you have planned so far and understand exactly what you are looking to obtain as an end goal.
    • We want to learn about your dreams and understand how we can help to bring them to life with the realities of any limitations of your project. Our team is excellent at sourcing alternative solutions to obtain the end result you are searching for.
    • Feeling lost and not sure if you want to proceed? Following our questions, we will assess if you are ready for the upcoming plans or if we need to delay the timeline to better prepare for achieving your goals.
  • Land Acquisition and Property Review (Home Building)
    • We review properties you are looking at or aid in finding a building lot. This will help identify any risks with the land and the home model you are looking to build, in conjunction with the building area. We will conduct a review of the best locations for the selected model to identify the cost factors of the site prep needed for development.
    • We will conduct a site visit and include getting a site survey completed if needed to prepare site planning.

Design Review

  • Drawings and Design Needs
    • No project can be properly budgeted and scheduled without having the full designs needed to ensure accuracy. This includes assessing the existing structure and site and creating a plan list of what is needed.
    • Architectural drawings; these will act as the primary plans for measuring and scope of work plans.
    • Engineering Review; all aspects of the project will be approved and stamped by a certified engineer. We will weigh the options of upgrade potential to any structure balancing the cost vs quality option.
    • Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC; These are all dependent on the scope of work but we push to make sure they are completed correctly when needed. The best planning will allow for exact locations to be confirmed by customers while translating the exact details to the trades on site.
    • Site Plans; based upon a site survey that may need to get done, we will ensure all limitations of the property such as setbacks and allowances are met so the permit process is done smoothly without needed changes.
  • Model Selection or Custom Design (Home Building)
    • Our catalogue of preferred models are set up to show examples of home designs, architecture and sizes to allow clients to identify their goals. We then highlight models from our 200+ catalogue that meet the goals to aid in selecting the best-suited model. We are capable of taking any of our models and altering them for even more customization.
    • Typical timelines for existing models to completed drawings is one week
    • Customized existing models will take an additional 1-2 weeks.
    • We also allow for a completely designed custom home where clients can do a one on one review with our design team to complete their own model from every piece of material.
    • Custom Design plans can be anywhere from a 2-6 week period pending revision times.

Preliminary Budgetting

  • Establishing Budgets
    • We will establish a template for the budget plan to ensure that project planning is set up with the client’s goal budget in mind. This will require the hard question of "What are you looking to spend?"
    • Our goal is to set the minimum needed to complete the scope of work involved in your plans and ensure that works with your spending amount.
    • Our keys include making sure to allow healthy allowance amounts into areas that won't be able to get exact pricing until your plan package is completed and we can tender our bid packages. We will set up a range of prices to allow you to get a full picture of the beginning to end price of this project.
  • Allowance Planning
    • You can't always get a price based upon a conversation, but through our expert knowledge and industry connections, we will be able to get an approximate 15% range to establish potential costs for service. This allows us to plan a rough estimate so we aren't planning to build outside of your investment amount.
    • One of the main areas that clients struggle to get accurate pricing is selections and finishes. We work on a three-tier basis when suggesting materials and options. This gives you an economic option, and two upgrade options so you can select where your budget is invested.


Drawing and Design Implementation

  • Design Package
    • We will create a package that will include all the needed drawings your project will require and eliminate ones you don't. All projects are different so each one requires a different design package.
    • The review portion of the design can take time as it will usually require 1-2 revisions and re-designs. We will opt-in rendering options to help aid in this process as not everyone is able to invasion the drawings the same. Our 3D rendering service will give you the ability to feel out the space and environment to make sure you are making an informed decision.
  • Plan Storage and Access
    • We store your entire plan online so you can access it via computer, phone or tablet. Along with your printed copies that can be delivered whenever needed.
    • Our planning review will also be a full walkthrough so you can understand each area and page so you're fully informed of the scope of work involved.

Trades and Vendor Planning

  • Through our extensive planning of each model, we create tendering packages for each trade and vendor to supply exact pricing based on your drawings. 
  • We also assess each trade and vendor’s capability to complete the project as per scheduled plans. This can be through our vetted and trusted options or vetting client selected trades to ensure the overall project goals are met.

Permitting and Fees Review

  • Requirement Identification
    • We use our extensive experience working with several townships and cities all over the Ontario region to identify the best method application process for your project.
    • Through a review of the requirements needed we will conduct a package prepayment list of documents needed to complete a smooth permit process.
    • We consult on any reviews needed by city officials to address the process of resubmission for a completed permit application.
  • Fee’s Assessment
    • We will provide a list of all fees and deposits required for your application.

Assessment of Budgeting and Project Goals

  • We identify with our clients their key goals of budget allocation. If we understand the overall budget plan we can create and identify keys areas of the project where spending will meet its goals.
  • We prepare a fixed budget for the Site Preparation and Superstructure Construction. Using our prefabricated package pricing we can ensure these areas are determined and finalized to send off for manufacturing.
  • Our clients will go through detailed selections and finish the review to select from our pre procured items. If required we can outsource design and finishes to obtain custom options and materials to meet goals.


Site Preparation

  • Review of Site Conditions
    • We identify any conditions of the site that could affect the build due to weather and the upcoming schedule.
    • The site facilities, safety postings and equipment are all setup.
    • Site plan construction commences, we ensure the site work is being completed in time to ensure when the home building package arrives the project is up to the foundation and ready for installation.
    • The site review is completed to ensure all items are completed as per plan and inspections are completed.

Superstructure Construction

  • Materials and Package Deliveries
    • The pre-developed package materials are delivered to the site with care taken to ensure the protection of the product.
    • All materials are stored safely and securely on-site as needed to create a streamlined building process
  • Construction of the Shell
    • With our installation crews assembling the packaged home we can erect an enclosed structure in a matter of days with most of the structure being enclosed within a few weeks.
    • With this building process, we can build during difficult weather conditions and in tighter building schedules.
    • The shell when completed will be fully weatherproof allowing for interior work to be completed in better work environments
  • Inspections and Reviews
    • All of our homes go through rigorous inspections to ensure everything meets required engineered standards.

Finishes and Selections

  • Interior and Exterior Finishing Materials
    • We offer full turnkey solutions that include all materials for finishing the interior and exterior of your home. With complete installation from beginning to end our hand-selected and custom curated options will match any dream goals you have.
  • Selection Process
    • Our selection process begins with a meeting catered around proposing selected materials based upon the original budget plan and your goal home design. We then review design options and variations to help offer solutions to living situations you may not have thought about, ensuring that your home will be a comfortable space for your future needs.
  • Optional Services
    • Our services for finishes and selections are optional to our home designs and can be selected to be added to your package. With this option, we allow clients to have a complete custom home building experience at their own pace.
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