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Welcome to the Corrente Construction Management Team

Your trusted source for Custom Homes, Home Additions, Renovations and Landscaping

Listen Better | Plan Better | Build Better

Listen to Our Clients

We will listen and accurately interpret the wishes of our clients – A skill that is essential to ensure that your goals are attained.

In Order to achieve a perfect design and layout, we listen for the following:

  • What is the main goal of the project? Self comfort? Rental? Sale?
  • Is there a pre-conceived budget for the project?
  • When is the best start date and preferred working hours?
  • If a designer is to be utilized, would you prefer to use ours or outsource one yourself.


Dedication to Understanding Clients, Meticulous Project Planning and Preparation, Applied Experience of Building to the Highest Degree of Quality
house renovation

Planning Better

Why is design such an important aspect of your project?

Whether it be a renovation, addition or a brand-new build, a well-planned design is a crucial component to ensuring that your goals are met. In the planning process, Corrente Construction Management ensures that all municipal and provincial building codes are satisfied.

Why is a construction management team important for your project?

If you want to ensure that delays, cost and the end results are optimized, you must have a detailed plan before executing the work. Our team has the experience to plan out the entire process, ensuring that each step along the way is accounted for. Our extensive list of sub-trades allows us to schedule the right people at the right time. By pre-planning for both major and minor details, we can better manage the time required for each task. In turn, our schedule is logged on to your web page and constantly updated so that you remain informed.


Building Our Homes Better

Building Better Means:

  • Using a professional construction management team who listen better and plans better
  • Utilizing our own professional sub-trades who show up on time and on schedule
  • Ensuring that all work is inspected and approved during each phase of the project
  • Partnering with lead manufacturers in residential construction products and services
  • Demanding that material being supplied and installed perform to top industry standards

We’re Selling You Back Your Time

Corrente Construction Management Inc. has the experience required to oversee your project professionally, allowing you to continue your regular daily schedule without undue added stress.